Hey mister Dj!

Competence is not enough,

it is necessary to be found.

Hey mister Dj!

Competence is not enough,

it is necessary to be found.

The first search engine for djs.

Sign up, and anyone in the world can find you.

Hey mister Dj!

It is not enough to be competent, 

it also need to be found.

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“DjApp  is a free application for smartphones dedicated to Djs and to all users who love music.”

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Download Djapp

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All your world in one place.

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Free services.

When you publish a mashup or production, a notification arrives directly on the phone to all the other Djs.

Increase visibility with the public and with colleagues.

You have a real digital business card on which the public will see all your links finally collected in one place: your profile.

Internal and confidential chat between professionals.

Music is for everyone.

Music is infinite.

DjApp is not just for DJs. Anyone can download it and listen to music 24 hours a day thanks to the best web radio, podcasts and videos of the most famous Djs in the world.

Whether you need the right sound to work out or spend relaxing moments, DjApp is for you.

The best podcasts.

Your business card:

All your links in one place.

Facebook, instagram, youtube, mixcloud, demodrop, soundcloud, spotify, twitter, hearthis. All your professional world in one app: DjApp.

Come pubblicare un Mashup: video tutorial.

The advantage of notification:

Every time you publish a new mashup or a new production, thanks to the system of the Promo Link, a notification will reach all users of DjApp. It is an exceptional and for now unique way to promote your creations.

Your portals in one App.

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